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We gon' make it do what it do!

I am the EE King. Hail to the King baby!
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EF-4 (Extreme Poster)
33 years old
North of the Gulf of Mexico
Born Mar-12-1985
Books, movies, television. You know, the major distractions
Joined: 9-January 08
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26 Sep 2011
Got an auto text message yesterday from AT&T. Apparently I've used 11 Gb of data this month and it puts me in the top 5% of users. This is on my iPhone as I have no internet access any where else, also I just had a small surgery so I wasn't using my phone that much. I use an extrodinary amount of data; pandora, livestream, web browsing, etc. So this is a brag post I guess. But it shocked me to learn I'd used that much already. I have a week or so to go in this month. Hope I don't get reduced speeds!

ATT Msg: Your data use this month places you in the top 5% of users. Use Wi-Fi to help avoid reduced speeds. Visit att.com/dataplans.
21 Jan 2011
Right now my pullover is warming in the sun as I'm wearing it. I catch the smell of the detergent and fabric softener. Its distracts me for a quick moment. I'm sure there's a name for those split second times. But that is one of my favorite scents. I guess you could say hot clothes because I like the way clothes smell when they're drying too. What about you?
11 Jan 2011
*static charges and buzzing sounds erupt from six foot tear in the fabric of reality*


*from out of the mysterious emerges ironwood*

Hello EE I see not much has changed. I'm glad to have rediscovered this place. But, I find a disappointing lack of monuments erected in my honor. I would have expected no less than fifteen virgins and some cherry scented candles.

But I digress. How is everyone? Where are all the old EE players at? I'll be digging through the archive if you need me. See you all soon.
14 Feb 2009
Friends, I've noticed a startling trend, where is the discusion, civilized arguments, and mid irratation (spl of course) we ee'ers here used to enjoy? It's been replaced by games! As fun as they are, they lead us no where! As I type this the only topcs that come to my mind are politics, religion, and her (name that tune) these are touchy because I believe they are not allowed. Yet we can come up with something can't we? Please leave your ideas here.
14 Jul 2008
I have a huge hangup on these. I remember my first one. *cue wavy flash back* I had just gotten the internet at my house. I was familiar with most things on here, but not all. I went onto a website, and I was wathing a movie called "kiko" It was a hand drawn series of still frames and soft music playing in the back ground. In the sky on the movie, there were japanese characters written, so I had no idea what it was saying. I lean in close to hear the music better, and trying to figure out what it was about when BANG! A face pops up and a super loud blood curdling scream was heard. Of course I jumped back and closed out the screen. I walked around for a minute, trying to gather my bearings. I felt so betrayed. I had no idea there was stuff out there like that. To this day I'm suspicious of every movie, every email, everything. I'll Shrink the window down real small and turn the sound off on suspect emails, wait untill they are over I'll see if there is a face sitting there looking at me. It really did something to me. I've come across many more over the years, but I haven't been fooled lately. I want to know your experiences with these...horrible things.
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Still alive?
10 Jul 2016 - 8:00
Another random sighting of Ironwood today. Sure would like more of these.
26 Sep 2011 - 8:32
Oooo random Ironwood sighting! Glad you're still around, even if you're elusive.
1 May 2010 - 10:58
Happy Birthday
dude! B)
12 Mar 2010 - 9:31
*sneak, sneak, sneak...sing!* "Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring... Banana phone! Boook dook a dook a dook!"
20 Sep 2009 - 16:13
Summer is the time when one sheds one's tensions with one's clothes, and the right kind of day is jeweled balm for the battered spirit. A few of those days and you can become drunk with the belief that all's right with the world. ~ Ada Louise Huxtable
23 Jun 2009 - 19:35
Noooooo! You're not allowed to run away yet!
24 May 2009 - 12:55
How is Accuweathers favorite firewalled friend doing?
16 May 2009 - 22:19
I just noticed you previously left yourself a comment telling yourself that you're awesome. The circle of awesome has completely blown my mind
6 May 2009 - 12:41
Howdy Ironwood. Come back soon!
9 Apr 2009 - 12:01


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