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"K" for my first name

"Spring" my favorite season ... it leads to Summer!! :)
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22 Sep 2015

(I tried to post this in the thread: "ENSO Alert System: el nino! NOAA's guidelines have been met", but the web site won't allow me to access long range forecasts while signed in! The web site says I "do not have permission"!! please move to the appropriate thread for me)


I'm trying to respond to MaineJay's post #1099 which starts with the line: "Upper oceanic heat content (0-300m) or the top 1000 feet of ocean along the equator..." and includes a map in motion.

I would like to refer to the map in motion at the bottom of his post....

It looks like the Alaskan "blob" may be changing? Oh say it is so!! From this moving map it looks like the blob may be cooling a bit!! Yes!! Come on west trough, east ridge!!! Cool down, blob, you can do it!! smile.gif

21 Aug 2015
Hello! I can log in on the main page and remain logged in for current topics, but if I try to go to long range weather (like winter 2015-2016) it shows me as "logged out". If I try to write a comment, I'm asked to log in again. I log in again, I get a screen that says I'm logged in, but then it shows me as being logged out and I'm repeatedly asked to log in again (... or that I'm not allowed to comment on long range forecasts?!) what's up with this?!

Am I not allowed to comment on long range forecasts? ... and if not, why not?

smile.gif Thanks!

(p.s. I've tried repeatedly on different days -- always the same result)
7 Nov 2012
Hi! I would like to start a long-range thread for people who LOVE mild winters (and who don't like cold and snow)! Most of the threads here in long and even short range seem to be geared toward cold mongers! I want to create a place where people who LOVE warm weather can look ahead with hope at long range trends. I personally get through the dreary days of my least favorite season by mentally going from one warm-up to the next!

I have found that for those of us who suffer in cold and snow and who look to warm spells for relief, it is discouraging to have to wade through post after post putting down the warmth, calling it "disgusting" and so on. I'd like to be able to share comments with others who have a positive spin..... who think a "good" winter is WARM and a "bad" one is, well, you know ...

I've noticed over the years that the warm-weather lovers feel so marginalized on weather forums that we don't even post! In my case, I even stopped going to the forum at all last year because I did not want to wade through all the negative posts. But, whenever I have looked for warm-winter lovers I have been surprised to see how many crawl out of the proverbial woodwork! There are quite a number of us, we just don't have a place to gather. I'd like to create that place here in this thread!

I hope that enough science and meteorology bent posters will also join in. I don't have the resources to predict upcoming trends. So please, if there are any weather geeks who have a warm-weather bent, come, join the thread and generate posts with hope for upcoming warm weather chances! Or at least let's have a place where we can discuss the weather from our perspective. I'm scanning the horizon for signs of ridging, NO Greenland blocks, for a positive NAO, but I don't have enough scientific background to spot the patterns in advance. So please, any of you out there metorologically minded and who can at least _enjoy_ or appreciate warm weather... post! :-)

Thanks so much for any responses!!

'Kirsten, I love Spring' (hence the name: KSpring1)

21 Jan 2012
biggrin.gif Could someone please start a thread about the little, mild warm up that's coming this week?

After a cold weekend with rain, sleet and temps in the 30s and 40s, our local weather maps are showing that next week we will have a nice, long stretch of days with highs every day close to 60 degrees!!!! biggrin.gif Ahhhh, Yes! I wouldn't necessarily call it a "warm up", but rather a "mild up".

I came here looking for posts about the "mild up", but have found none. Would someone please start the thread? (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to!) Thanks!!
21 Oct 2011
Hi Guys!

Last year here in Virginia "woolly worms" were all the talk -- well, in terms of natural winter weather predictors, that is! Apparently the size or shape or number of stripes on the creatures was some kind of symbolic harbinger of weather to come. I'm not sure if it's true or not. Some say the number of acorns the trees drop also tells us what's coming after Fall.... and it got me thinking about squirrels and chipmunks, of course! wink.gif

I have noticed in some past autumns that the squirrels were really getting fat and fluffing up their winter attire. This year, however, I have been noticing the opposite. This isn't scientific, of course, but we do have a LOT of squirrels running around. They are all looking very thin and svelte in their fine-haired coats. And though in the past couple of years I've noticed the chipmunks going, well, 'nuts', running to-and-fro across the yard collecting food; this year they are more chill. As opposed to running back and forth to their underground dens non-stop for hours on end as they have in the past, this year I only see them occasionally. There seems to be no rush, hurry or panic.

I find this interesting. (Yes! I really, actually do find this interesting) It's my own, personal backyard study of the lives of chipmunks and squirrels! And it got me thinking these behaviors could be signs of what is to come.

Anyone else notice these things?

(ps At the time of the earthquake and hurricane, the squirrels went crazy, runnig in patterns I don't usually see)
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