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Science, Art and Humanity would be nowhere without the mysterious. Never stop questioning, wondering, dreaming.
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101 years old
Born Feb-7-1917
Painting, Drawing, Reading, Writing, Gaming, Astronomy, Environmental studies, Physics, Cooking, Cultures, Anthropology (Always wanted to be Indiana Jones!), Wit, Humor and all things mysterious.
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1 Oct 2016
Welcome to another addition of Maw’s Friday Questions! (Guest hosted by: TheWatch)

How was everyone’s week?

1. What do you think of all the new super hero movies? (Yay! Or Nay!)

2. Who’s your favorite hero/heroine? (Or limit it to your top three?)

3. Powers, Gadgets or Wits?

4. Who’s your favorite villain/villainess?

5. Mutant, Mastermind or Monster?

6. Describe yourself in three fictional characters:

7. The three characters from above, tells us why:

8. Do you prefer a typical hero or an anti-hero?

9. So you’re now a crime fighter or a super villain, what’s your power or strength?

10. Tell us about your awesome gear/outfit:

Bonus question: As a crime fighter or crime stopper, what’s your motivation?
18 Sep 2016
Happy Friday all! (Shhh… we’re still pretending it’s Friday… grave shift vampires like me can’t tell time anymore tongue.gif )

It’s Maw’s Friday Questions – September Addition. (Guest hosted by: The Watch happy.gif)

1. Given the choice, but you could pick only one, would you rather be: Rich, Famous, Healthy, Loved or Content? Why?

2. For you personally, what does it mean to love someone?

3. Have you ever actually hated another person?

4. What’s one thing you’re really proud of?

5. What’s one thing you regret?

6. Do you have any superstitions you believe in? What are they?

7. What’s more important: People, Acts or Ideas?

8. Do you feel you have a “calling”? What is it?

9. For you personally, what does it mean to be a good human?

10. What’s something you’d like to see happen in your lifetime? (You know like world peace, flying cars or the Cubs winning the world series…etc.)

Bonus Question: Tell us about something spooky that actually happened to you:
10 Sep 2016
Spring has sprung, Fall has fell, In California it still feels like Summer because it’s hotter than…blazes. tongue.gif
How’s your week been? Welcome to Maw’s Friday Questions! (Guest hosted by The Watch)

1. The song says “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”, so if you were supreme overlord what kind of ruler would you be?

2. What are the first three laws you’d enact?

3. Time to create a few national holidays, what would you call them and how would you celebrate?

4. What are the first three rules/laws you’d abolish?

5. Palace? Executive Office? Dark Lair? Tell us about your Head Quarters…

6. Does your land have a national past-time?

7. What kind of government would you have?

8. What’s your national product?

9. How would you handle those who defy you? (not saying I would or anything, don’t shoot!)

10. Pick a symbol to represent your absolute rule:

Bonus question: How would you choose your line of succession?
3 Sep 2016
Maw’s Friday Questions – September! (Guest hosted by The Watch)

1. Do you have a favorite season? Why?

2. Were you excited for back to school or sad to see summer go?

3. Favorite summer memory?

4. What are you looking forward to for fall?

5. If you’re a sports fan, who’s your team and player?! biggrin.gif

6. Fall is full of delicious food, what’s your favorite tradition food-wise?

7. Have you been making plans for the holidays yet?

8. Do you know what you want to be for Halloween yet? wink.gif

9. Any movies or shows coming out that you’re looking forward to? Explain!

10. Deep thoughts: Why does the time seem to go so fast as you get older?

Bonus question: Show and Tell! Back to school or Hello Fall photo!
26 Aug 2016
Happy Friday Everyone! biggrin.gif Keeping the tradition alive –
Maw’s Friday Questions (guest hosted by: The Watch)

1. The first time you remember being asked what you wanted to be, what did you answer?

2. If you could do ANYTHING now what would it be?

3. Anyone do something nice for you lately? What was it?

4. What would the title of your autobiography be?

5. Coffee? Tea? Other?

6. What happened in your last dream that you can remember?

7. You’re on death-row; What’s your last meal going to be?

8. Is there any simple task you enjoy just for the process of it? Tell us about it…

9. What’s a favorite toy from your childhood?

10. Describe your sense of humor (assuming you have one wink.gif )…
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Watch, where did you go? Missing you in EE and games! Come back and play when you have time! :)
4 Sep 2010 - 0:29
Lol WoW head indeed. Although not so much any more =. At one point I lived, ate, and breathed only WoW. I have come to realize, that life>games
4 Aug 2010 - 17:17
Haha. Sweet. I have a friend at San Diego State and she says I have a twin down there. I guess we're all triplets, separated at birth.
4 Jan 2010 - 15:53
3 Jan 2010 - 17:27
Oh darn. I always liked tricks...
19 Dec 2009 - 14:37


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