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"All knowledge is worth having." - Anafiel Delaunay
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Rank: F5 Superstorm
36 years old
Simi Valley, CA
Born Nov-4-1981
Videogames, chess, reading, writing, swimming, tennis, animals, archery, tactical/strategy games, horror movies, science fiction, fantasy, and espionage...
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8 Apr 2010
People of EE, thank you for allowing me to speak to you today.

*waits for applause to die down*

Thanks to your efforts, I have reached five hundred posts in under two years!

*waits for applause to die down*

In my time, I have borne witness to vespas, superpowered cats, People v. Poptart, and many other events that have shaped this great forum, but one thing has never changed.

That thing is the will of the people to make EE great!

*waits for applause to die down*

Though we have been rocked with political discussions, the loss of beloved members, and most recently that-one-thing-that-shall-not-be-named-but-starts-with-K.-and-rhymes-with-Heaven, you have all worked together as a unified community--nay, as a family!

*waits for applause to die down*

I am confident that when the time comes for me to address you again for my 1,000th post, that that family of parents, cowboys, timepieces, felines, pockets of air in water, angry biological processes, and all the rest of you, will still be together to support each other and advance into the future!

*waits for applause to die down*

Once again, thank you all!


Remember, if you don't vote Wright, you're voting wrong.

Good night!
23 Mar 2010
I've been thinking about conspiracy theories lately, starting with the claims that the Haitian and Chilean earthquakes wre caused by a U.S. weapon. I love hearing about these ideas, the more unusual the better.

So, with that in mind, what have you heard of?

(Oh, and... Though I love discussion, in order to avoid starting flame wars, we might not want to mention if we believe in or deny these ideas, lest we grievously tick off someone in the other camp. smile.gif )

I'll start: Sadly I don't recall the details and I'm firewalled, but one of the more interesting claims I've heard is that many of the world's leaders are actually shapeshifting reptillian creatures from another world/dimension... mellow.gif
24 Mar 2009
Okay, here's the deal: When I was hanging out with my dad a while back, a financial program came on the air (sorry, not sure who or when).

On the program, the analyst posed that question: Did Osama Bin Laden win, after all?

Here's his reasoning:

Shortly after 9/11, Osama made a statement to his followers to the effect of: "We took down the Soviet Union, and we'll take down America, too!"

The analyst explained that this statement was not widely reported because it was obviously foolish: after all, Reagan took down the USSR, right?

Not according to the analyst.

According to him, most of the work was done by two other men: Pope John Paul II, who constantly spoke out against the civil rights violations of the Soviets (thus causing civil unrest and lowering morale), and Osama Bin Laden, who used his men and our guns to pull the USSR into an endless, treasury-draining war in the sand.

Then the analyst compared that to the current situation in the US: we're hurting economically, lots of people are emotionally depressed over the economic depression, and we're currently fighting a long, bloody, expensive war in the sand.

"So," the analyst said, "think about it: has Osama won? And if he hasn't won yet, what should we do to stop the fall of America?"

By the way, I'm not saying I agree with this guy, I just thought it was a rather chilling and interesting take on the situation, and I thought I'd share with y'all.
24 Jun 2008
The Conspiracy Theory Thread has disappeared...

I mean, the post I put there isn't even in my post log!

That's weird. blink.gif

Hope the author hasn't been black-bagged (those of you who've seen V for Vendetta may recall what I mean by that).
19 Jun 2008
I've been thinking a lot about scary movies recently, ever since I saw the Japanese version of the movie Pulse.

So I wonder, what frightens you guys? Which concepts in horror and which movies, stories, whatever scare the pants off of you?

For example, I'm mostly not frightened by slasher-type horror. On other hand relentless, implacable ghosties (and occasionally aliens) give me the willies.

The three scariest movies for me:

The Grudge (American version)

Pulse (Japanese version)

Event Horizon

and for some reason, Signs. I know it wasn't meant to be horror, but it got to me. The scene at the birthday party in The Sixth Sense was pretty bad too, but only that scene.

So, What scares you?
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Happy Birthday
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Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great one!
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Well, I'm glad to see you back on....Welcome home!!
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