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As far as this site is concerned...playing nice games with nice people!
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29 Aug 2014
For those traveling this weekend to spend time with loved ones or just to add to the
congestion on the roads, please take your time and get there safely. Be kind to your
fellow travelers, they've been working all week too. A special shout-out to Maw
who so kindly numbered the weeks for us so that this wouldn't say 'week 543'
instead of '345,' she knows me so well. Have a good Labor Day peoples!

1. Seriously, without peeking, what are we celebrating on Labor Day?

2. Are you planning anything special for the weekend/Holiday?

3. If you could keep only one memory, what would it be?

4. What is the ideal outdoor temperature?

5. Which of these road signs most accurately describes your attitude about life....
Proceed With Caution
Dangerous curves ahead
Other (please specify)

6. What's the best movie you've seen so far this year (could be from another year)?

7. What percentage of your day is spent worrying about family issues?

8. When is the last time you sent flowers or just gave them to someone?

9. Pretend you are 17 again. Could you be trusted to stay home alone for the weekend
or would there likely be no house left come Monday?

10. Fill in the blank: I just don't get enough ______________ in my life.
24 Jul 2014
Dear forum dwellers,
I am the only person who has signed up for this quarter so as far as I'm concerned,
this is my playground now. These questions will range from the simplistic to the
complex and you will be required to look deep into your heart *snicker* and
probe the recesses of your mind *ech!!* to give an honest answer to each and
every one of these...if you dare. Let the angst begin!

1. North Korea has threatened "merciless retaliation" if the movie "The Interview" is
released in the US (it's about 2 Americans recruited by the CIA to assassinate their leader
Kim Jung Un). Should our gov't prevent this movie from being released to appease North Korea?

2. What was the last site you visited prior to coming to Accuweather today?

3. Do you believe in 'forced sterilization' of women who've had children taken away
because of continual drug use or other behavior dangerous to the children?

4. What's your favorite odor?

5. When you encounter aggressive drivers on the road do you respond with aggression
or do you back down for the sake of safety?

6. Last year, 44 children died as a result of being left in hot cars ostensibly because their
parent forgot they were there. Do you think the drivers should be charged with murder?

7. Do you record favorite tv shows that you miss while working, etc.?

8. Who would you most like to see behind bars for a year? Talking bars of steel, not the
"Pete's Tavern" variety.

9. What would you like to have in your back yard that you don't have now?

10. Why do you think I'm the only person who has signed up to post these questions
this quarter? Please pick one:

a I crave attention

b I crave punishment

c People are too busy to bother

d I am a loner and a rebel and I like it this way

e Other (please explain)
5 Jul 2014
This was a spur of the moment thing folks 'cause I'm at work and wanting to do something
constructive.....ok, settle down, I'm just goofing off and you caught me. These are not
planned and I have no idea what the finished product will look like so continue at your
own risk (and have a happy 4th weekend!).

1. Did you grill out on the 4th or attend one? What did you eat?

2. Did you set off any fireworks and does your state actually allow it?

3. Did you attend a fireworks display last night or watch one on TV?

4. How late should people be allowed to set off fireworks in the neighborhood or should
there be a time limit for them?

5. Do you think people should have a 'fireworks permit' to set them off in their neighborhood,
somewhat like a 'gun permit?'

6. What do you think this world will run out of first?

7. Would you rather live in an area prone to hurricanes or one prone to sand storms
(provided you had to choose).

8. Is there a television program on that's worse than "The Bachelorette?"

9. Inspired by a news story today: Do you feel spiritually intimidated when a store clerk
tells you to "Have a blessed day"?

Ok, you're off the hook early today since it's a holiday weekend (letting myself off
too, this is kind of brain-straining), have a good one!
19 Jun 2014
Good morning or evening peoples...the choice is yours. Not sure what number week it is,
I took a stab at 235...it could be 245 for all I know, they're not all getting numbered
these days but that's not the important part. Only that they get done....that's what's
important. Because somebody out there likes to answer questions (don't they?).
Have a great weekend and here you go.....

1. Is it ever ok to blame bad behavior on being high on drugs or alcohol?

2. Do you want to move closer to your family or further away?

3. You've won 2 brand new cars with the stipulation you must give
one away. Who will you give it to?

4. Who would you like to see on the MFQ's sign-up sheet?

5. If you could get only 3 tv channels to watch for the rest of your life...what would they be?

6. Miley Cyrus was dumped by her last boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth and looks like a lonely
little thing, who do you think would make a good romantic match-up for Miley?

7. If you could rid the world of one thing (not person!), what would it be?

8. What is your 'go-to' snack during the day?

9. Have you ever sung at a Karaoke bar and if not...is it something you would do if asked?

10. How many holes are in this shirt?

Attached Image
15 May 2014
Good morning one and all! I'm slipping these in early in case I sleep late and then forget
entirely. Do have a great weekend, whether working or not, and remember...always be
nice to people who fix your food and/or take care of your children. Ok, here goes!

1) What's the craziest story you've ever told to get out of work?

2) Have you ever fell for a 'scam operator' and lost money in the process?

3) Have you ever been to and/or paid to see a psychic?

4) What song have you got stuck in your mind today?

5) Do you ever call those 'Sweepstakes' numbers at the bottom of your
grocery receipt?

6) How high do you think gas prices will get in your area this summer before they begin to
go down again?

7) When is the last time you hung up on anyone?

8) Are you rare, medium, or well done?

9) Complete this sentence:

I cannot live without my _________ during the summer.

10) Do you think we should be held accountable by society in general for things we say in the
privacy of our own homes?

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