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19 Oct 2014
The Three Little Pigs' Piglets

After their close calls with the Big Bad Wolf, Fifer Pig and Fiddler Pig built brick houses just like their brother Practical Pig. The Big Bad Wolf was sad that there was no way to reach the pigs for a dinner, but he found other pigs to eat. These other pigs had not learned their lesson despite the three little pigs becoming instantly famous on Facebook and Twitter. The media told their story all over the world for three months.
The three little pigs were not so little anymore and soon they found girlfriends and got married. Soon they had their own piglets, one each. None of the pigs except for Practical Pig spent any time with their piglets because they were too busy all the time with their jobs and their smart phones and social networks. Before they knew it the piglets grew up, ready to leave home and begin their own lives.
The piglets of Fiddler Pig and Fifer Pig built their houses out of straw because they were lazy and uneducated just like their fathers, but Practical Pig's piglet built his house out of bricks. The Big Bad Wolf was getting old and he soon developed COPD. Despite his sickness, he had not given up his passion to hunt foolish pigs and blow away their houses.
Soon the Big Bad Wolf came to the home of Fifer's piglet. He shouted "Little pig, little pig, let me in". The piglet responded "You're a stranger. Why would I do such a thing?" The wolf said "I am a doctor and I've got this new drug for you. It will make you super strong and super happy". The pig asked, "Sounds good, but are there any side effects?". "No way" said the wolf. "I've been taking this drug for 10 years and this is the happiest I've ever been. I'm also much stronger than when I was 25 years old." The wolf was lying, of course, but the pig let him in. The wolf quickly ate and digested the pig.
Later the Big Bad Wolf came to the home of Fiddler's piglet. "Little pig, little pig, let me in" yelled the wolf. "No way, you monster, not after what you did to my cousin" said the pig. "Then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house in" yelled the wolf. But the wolf could not huff and he could not puff because he had COPD. Angrily, the wolf left. When he got home there was a Canicort drug commercial on TV. He heard it could help COPD and was so excited, he did not listen to the side effects. "This is just what I need!" exclaimed the wolf. So he went to his doctor and started the drug. Soon he was able to huff and puff again.
The Big Bad Wolf revisited Fiddler's piglet's house and boomed "Little pig, little pig, let me in". The pig yelled "No way will I ever let you in and no way will you ever huff and puff and blow my house in". So the wolf huffed and he puffed and he blew the house down. The pig was eaten in no time, but this would be the wolf's last porcine feast. Soon the Canicort caused his nose to run uncontrollably. Then he started choking. He got a migraine headache and a big rash and started to become severely depressed. He had hallucinations of being eaten by pigs and went insane. Then he had a heart attack and dropped dead.
Practical Pig's piglet was safe and he learned to avoid any drugs advertised on TV. He sued the pharmaceutical companies and won. Not long after that, he heard about GMOs. He protested against the FDA and told became instantly famous on the news. He found a girlfriend and got married and lived happily ever after.
13 Oct 2014
Well, I think this is the most dead the California activity has ever been. I agree that we have possibly the most boring climate in the whole world, but there still used to be a lot more activity. Since October 9, no one has posted beside me. That's 4 days. About 75% of the posts on the California weather topics are either me or Beck. I'm sick of seeing my name there for the most recent post all the time, so next time someone posts something on a California weather topic, I won't be posting anything there for a long time. I'll just post into this topic instead.

I remember the good ol' days when I first joined and we had a topic go over 100 pages. Now we get maybe one page in half a month. Currently alxz310 and LALEO post maybe once a month. Haven't seen a post from Artisane in ages. Probably some other members that it's been so long I completely forgot they existed.

Anyway, the offshore flow was a major dud today. San Diego county still has a thick marine layer and we actually had some drizzle here this morning.
4 Oct 2014
I have grown up to be accustomed to "Thank you" or "Thank you very much", but there's this one guy I know who likes to say "Thank you much" when talking on the phone. What a lazy person who can't say "very"! It just sounds so awful, that if I was the person he was thanking, I would be more thankful if he said nothing at all. Apparently, it is not even correct grammar.

Has anyone else heard "Thank you much" and does it annoy you like it does me?
20 Sep 2014
See if you can tell what is wrong with the picture below. Maybe after that someone could post a new picture and we can even make a game out of it.

Attached File  whatswrong.png ( 115.99K ) Number of downloads: 2
17 Aug 2014
Who was your worst teacher or professor and why?


My worst teacher was a high school English teacher, Mrs. Munoz. I had her for freshman and sophomore year. In freshman year she was not that bad, but in sophomore year she became a real monster. She would always write nasty comments on my essays about the things she did not like. That year during Christmas vacation she assigned a five-page paper on Frankenstein. I could not do it because I was traveling and did not have access to a computer. From that point on she was even more unfriendly and critical of me. She would also fail a paper if it had 5 or more spelling errors.

Almost the whole school hated Mrs. Munoz to the point that she was booed the next year when they announced her name at the start of school assembly. However she had a "Brodie Set" of girls she was really nice to and she would give them better grades and do other nice things for them.

The good news is that Mrs. Munoz got fired at the end of my senior year. She now teaches at Chapman University and Santa Ana College, and from comments of students, you can see that a lot of them hate her. However, there are still the few "Brodie set" students who love her and say she is one of the nicest teachers ever.


p.s. I hated Mrs. Munoz so much that I wrote a story called Marooned on Munoz Island where kids get trapped on an island that would be a tropical paradise except that a monster tortures them by making them write essays all the time. In the story, the monster has a ability to breathe fire and transform into a Mrs. Munoz clone. The real Mrs. Munoz is still teaching at the high school. At the end, both the monster and the real Mrs. Munoz are killed. I showed the story to some kids in the school and they thought it was really funny. Even another English teacher (who was much nicer than Mrs. Munoz) liked it.
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