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24 Dec 2014
California Christmas Storm?.....Hardly.... dry.gif

Not much to talk about, but a new thread was needed to announce the front diving down from Alaska...
Bringing much colder air to a region where highs have been in the 60's/low 70's, and nights have been very mild (as much as 10+ degrees vs. 'normals')

Let's take a look at the WV loop to see this quick moving front and the cooler air moving in...
Attached Image

The front is moving down the California coastline, with showers starting in far Northern California.
The front will move steadily south throughout the day on Christmas eve bringing a tenth of an inch of rain to one quarter inch of rain in the SF Bay Area. According to NWS Monterey the front will drag south losing most of its meager precipitation, as the bulk of the energy is already over land and heading into the Great Basin. The most notable change will be a more Winter-like NW breeze with daytime highs only in the 50's and lows in the 40's, maybe 30's in cooler valleys of the North Bay. Southern California will mainly just feel the cooler air, and more seasonable temperatures...

After this there are no long range storms until around the New Year...as of yet...
2 Dec 2014
The "Emergency Question Generator" is offline! ohmy.gif

We are trying to fix the situation...but some Malware from 'foreign' sources has crashed the system... dry.gif

So here goes with some Analog questions...

1. Back in the day(?)..What did they call a phone that is hard wired in your house?

2. What were 'frozen dinners' called before we had microwaves?

3. Name a recording system that used a diamond stylus to 'play' the music?

4. What did people used to read literature from before the onset of Tablets and computers?

5. What was the kind of television broadcast called before we had 'color' TV's?

6. What instrument was often played in theaters for 'sound' during 'Silent' movies?
(Before the advent of 'talkies'... unsure.gif )

Thanks for bearing with the poor quality (analog) questions.... tongue.gif
1 Dec 2014
The second storm in less than a week is poised offshore, ready to bring much needed rainfall up and down the California coast.
This system is still maturing and has excellent upper air support, it should bring strong winds to the coastal sections of the State as it approaches the coast beginning Monday night/early Tuesday morning. WPC forecasts have QPF as high as 4-5" of rain in the orographically favorable regions of the coastal mountains, with an inch to two inches in some of the valleys. The Sierras look to get generous snowfall amounts in the higher elevations(although the initial snows will be mostly above 7,000ft), the colder air will move in and give nice snow totals down to lake level (Tahoe) and gradually even perhaps down to 5,000ft levels on Wednesday. Southern California should gear up for the first significant rainstorm in many months, with possible mud and debris flows in the fire ravaged areas, also drivers will have to careful with high winds and very slick roadways.
Attached Image

rolleyes.gif Bring it On!
24 Nov 2014
The Emergency Question Generator is Back on the Air!

So the 'Friday Questions' are going down the tubes...Well...So is Everything Else.... blink.gif

1. Are you going to be one of the Millions who travel this week to visit family/friends for Thanksgiving?

2. What is your favorite food at Thanksgiving?

3. Is the low price of gasoline figuring into any holiday plans?

4. What is your favorite type of pie (if you like pie)?

5. Name something (if anything) you are 'thankful' for this holiday season?


Bonus Question:

What is 'Black Friday'? (multiple choice)

A. A movie about a large airship that crashes into a stadium full of football fans?

B. A movie where a daughter and mom change places and go shopping?

C. A Documentary about the great stock market crash of 1929?

D. The Day after Thanksgiving that is/used to be the biggest shopping day of the Holiday season?

E. The Friday that is celebrated before Grey Sunday?

F. Any Friday the Thirteenth that also has an eclipse of the Sun?

G. The day after Maroon Thursday?

H. None of the above

I. All of the Above.

J. Stupid Questions...(and stop asking them....) ohmy.gif

So long from the headquarters of the 'Emergency Question Generator' in Silicon Valley, CA...
17 Nov 2014
It looks like the pattern is finally setting up for an extended period of Pacific Storms to flow into the West...not that any of these storms look to be 'drought breakers', (which is a misnomer in itself...no one storm is going to even put much of a dent in a three year drought). Heading into the next 4 months is the real 'wet' season in Northern California, and a series of storms would be a welcome relief from the blocking pattern of the last three years. The first storm is poised offshore, with a good deal of moisture wrapping into the system, ta warm front is crossing over the State bringing a little bit of instability and looks to be a good precursor on how active the southern stream may get in the next two weeks...
Attached Image

On this WV loop you can see the classic comma shape of an extratropical cyclone forming offshore, part of the energy is being shunted north, but with a big blocking ridge in Alaska and a huge dam of cold air to our North and East, this storm looks to head directly for Central California. From reading the Disco from Monterey, CA NWS it seems the models are having a hard time with the progression of this storm. Some having it sheared and weakening, others say it will continue south(?) and likely not impact much of Northern California. IMHO it seems as if the 'models' are out of touch with 'semi-normal' California storms, and can't figure out what to do with this one. With the lack of many 'warm' regime storms in the last three years, it seems the models have forgotten how to understand an Omega block to our north and an active southern jet. It appears to my 'amateur' eye that this storm is strengthening, and looking to head straight for the SF Bay Area on Tue night/Wed. morning with showers and then steadier rain as the storm moves inland. This may be opening the door for several storms in quick succession from Thursday through Saturday.

Some 'eye candy' from WPC showing the first of several 'wet' outlooks for Central and Northern California.
Attached Image

If this is any indication of the 'pattern' of the storm track(ie: Rossby Wave Train) for this winter, then it looks as if come December and January we will at least have chances of storms coming through that can be augmented by the ENSO/potential 'El Nino' conditions that are rapidly coming to fruition in the eastern equatorial Pacific basin. A continuance of the PDO change-over in the NE pacific Ocean may help to contribute to lower pressures this winter in the GOA. This doesn't guarantee any sort of outcome in California's rainfall output...but in my mind it certainly ups the chances of creating a 'parent' low in the GOA that can funnel storms into California...We shall see... unsure.gif
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